Main problems in the field

  • 1

    Low quality of data

    The agent cares about hitting KPI targets, not about increasing their employer's sales, so they cheat and swindle.

  • 2

    Data heterogeneity

    Each agent makes their own unique mistakes when counting share of the shelf and other KPIs

  • 3

    Low granularity of data

    A person can manually collect maximum a couple of dozen SKUs at each location

The key issue

Lack of understanding of
goods availability on the shelf

Producers hire specialized agencies
for merchandising services and think that their employees
perform their job well, but that is often not the case.

SM Visor helps to:

  • Minimize the level of poor-quality input data as much as possible.

  • Decrease cheating levels.

  • Monitor photograph quality and the accuracy of data.

Our platform also
collects and sends
a report to the client by itself

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How SM Visor improves performance

50 %

Reduced time on
audit of retail locations

20 %

Data accuracy improved

10 %

Sales Increase

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