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SM Insights

Leveraging data integration and machine learning, SM Insights translates complex information into actionable insights. With the help of SmartMerch experts, it empowers strategic business growth decisions based on clear, data-driven intelligence.

See it in action
See it in action

Multitude of data


SM Insights works with a multitude of data from various sources, considering a vast range of factors to provide a comprehensive view of the business landscape.

All is considered


Catering to the dynamic nature of businesses, SM Insights incorporates both controllable and uncontrollable factors in its analysis, ensuring a balanced and well-rounded perspective for decision making.

What you get


SM Insights allows clients to impact certain factors by managing others, thereby achieving growth in target areas. It emphasizes the importance of proper management of direct influence numbers while considering those beyond control.

Main features

Our support features are designed to meet the specific needs of the product line, providing convenience and reliability for customers.

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Machine learning-driven insights

Utilizing ML models to uncover valuable insights within the Data Lake.

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Key analytical areas

Focusing on pricing and promotion, sales team efficiency and discipline, and category management.

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Customized solutions for business growth

Offering an individualized approach and ready-made solutions, including price elasticity models, effective shelf share optimization, and more.


Tailored solutions for business growth and improved efficiency, driving success.

Machine Learning

Models to uncover hidden insights, providing deep analytical capabilities.


Analytics for pricing, promotion, and category management, tailored to specific business needs.

How it works

Our product, aimed at bolstering your business, comes with a promise of significant improvements. We present a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of its functionalities, allowing you to swiftly appreciate its impactful benefits.

Step 1

Customer request

Customers provide their needs in areas such as pricing, valuation, sales, and processes to improve efficiency.

Step 2

Data analysis

SmartMerch team analyzes the data, creates hypotheses, and identifies additional data sources.

Step 3

Joint discussion

Customers and the SmartMerch team jointly discuss and decide on purchasing additional data.

Step 4

Recommendations and insights

SM Insights provides recommendations and insights based on the client’s request and data analysis.


We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about our solutions and provided answers below. Feel free to get in touch if any other questions arise.

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