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SM Safety

Modular video analytics system driven by neural networks, addressing industrial safety and labor protection concerns effectively.

See it in action
See it in action

Safe and compliant


SM Safety provides a robust online system that meticulously tracks various safety parameters in industrial settings, ensuring a safe and compliant workspace.



SM Safety tracks specified deviations and automatically logs any safety violations. This vigilant monitoring system enhances workplace safety and significantly reduces incident occurrence.

Main features

Our support features are designed to meet the specific needs of the product line, providing convenience and reliability for customers.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) monitoring

The system tracks the presence of 20 different types of PPE on staff, automatically notifies responsible services, and generates regular analytical reports on specified parameters.

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Incident monitoring

SM Safety monitors for smoke and open fire, automatically alerts responsible services, and stores data for further analysis of emergency situations.

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Staff movement and count control

The system tracks and counts staff, controls access to hazardous areas, automatically notifies responsible services, and generates regular analytical reports on specified parameters.

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BI Analytics

SM Safety offers a flexible tool for customizing and visualizing analytical reports based on customer-defined parameters and collected data.

20 types

Monitoring of over 20 types of PPE on staff, maintaining high safety standards.

<0.5 sec

Incident response speed, ensuring immediate action when necessary.


Recognition accuracy, ensuring reliable safety measures.

How it works

Our product, aimed at bolstering your business, comes with a promise of significant improvements. We present a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of its functionalities, allowing you to swiftly appreciate its impactful benefits.

Step 1


The system is installed on the customer’s existing hardware infrastructure or new cameras are set up at the facility. Camera specifications may vary depending on the task.

Step 2


Datasets are collected, and the system is trained based on the parameters of the task, which may include personal protective equipment (PPE) control, incident monitoring, and movement and personnel control.

Step 3


Once validated and commissioned, SM Safety monitors PPE presence, incidents, and employee movements online. In case of industrial safety rule violations, the system records violations and sends notifications to responsible customer services. Integration with customer’s internal systems or incident notification through the SM Safety portal is possible.

Step 4

History and Analytics

Data accumulated during SM Safety’s operation enables analysis and adjustment of factory processes to reduce industrial safety violations.


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