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SM Factory

Neural network-based quality control system for production lines, automating rejection processes with unique parameters and eliminating human error.

See it in action
See it in action

Quality assurance


Trust SM Factory for top-tier production quality. Tailored for specific tasks, it ensures smooth processes and enhances brand reputation.

Defect detection


SM Factory quickly spots and tags flaws. Our rejection feature ensures only the best products pass, upholding high standards.

Performance analytics


Use SM Factory’s analytics to fine-tune your processes. Track production trends and optimize with our integrated solutions.

Main features

Our support features are designed to meet the specific needs of the product line, providing convenience and reliability for customers.

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Flexible defect detection

The system can be adjusted to detect various defects such as deviation from reference forms, packaging issues, non-conformity with graphic packing parameters, and X-ray detection of product content.

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Selective rejection

Upon detecting a defective product, the system can discard it using hardware. The type of rejection device is determined based on product and line parameters.

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Scalable system

SM Factory adapts to the customer’s production line configuration, allowing hardware components to be replaced with the customer’s existing equipment if technical requirements are met.

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User-trainable neural network

Users can train the neural network in the current operation mode for ongoing improvements.

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Turnkey solution

We provide a comprehensive product approach, offering a complete solution that includes both hardware and software components.

500 units/min

Recognition rate, ensuring quick and efficient processing.


Recognition accuracy, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

8 types

Simultaneous detection of more than 8 types of defects, ensuring comprehensive quality control.

How it works

Our product, aimed at bolstering your business, comes with a promise of significant improvements. We present a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of its functionalities, allowing you to swiftly appreciate its impactful benefits.

Step 1


The hardware and software complex is installed on the customer’s production line. Primary debugging and equipment adjustments are carried out. The modular structure allows SM Factory to be flexibly reconfigured based on customer needs and production line hardware characteristics.

Step 2

Training and Launch

The system undergoes commercial operation after training and test validation. Convolutional neural network algorithms enable the system to detect unique types of defects, including deviations from standard forms, packaging defects, graphical parameter inconsistencies, and X-ray product content detection.

Step 3


Once SM Factory is in commercial operation, it continuously monitors product quality on the production line based on specified parameters. Upon defect detection, the system records the incident and carries out a predefined rejection and notification procedure according to customer requirements.

Step 4

History and Analytics

Data accumulated during SM Factory’s operation allows for analysis and adjustment of industrial processes to reduce the number of production defects.


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