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SM Camera

Hardware-software solution for automated monitoring of displays inside refrigeration equipment. Full SM Visor functionality without field workers.

See it in action
See it in action

Easy to install


Designed with user convenience in mind, SM Camera's compact form factor and easy-to-install mechanism make it the go-to tool for instantaneous and effortless field data capture.

Real-time data


SM Camera consistently captures and transmits images to the server in real-time following interactions with refrigeration equipment, ensuring an up-to-date reflection of the situation.

Get the most


By processing captured images, SM Camera provides real-time, agent-free monitoring that generates daily reports on customer-specific KPIs, driving efficient business decisions.

Main features

Our support features are designed to meet the specific needs of the product line, providing convenience and reliability for customers.

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Custom development for refrigeration equipment

Our unique IP camera, designed specifically for refrigeration doors, automatically captures photos of the interior layout.

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Easy camera installation

The “Plug and Play” concept ensures that any field team member can effortlessly install the camera on refrigeration equipment without needing special skills.

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Fully automated data acquisition

The product’s software recognizes images up to the specific SKU, enabling online monitoring of shelf space inside refrigeration equipment without field staff involvement.

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SM Visor integration

SM Camera leverages the full power of SM Visor functionality, eliminating the need for field staff.

Zero staff

No field staff required for daily monitoring of product layout, saving on operational costs.

3 times/day

Data updated frequency, ensuring the most recent information is available.


Recognition accuracy, ensuring reliable data for decision-making.

How it works

Our product is designed to make your business better. Here is a step-by-step description of how it works, so you can quickly understand the benefits of using our product.

Step 1


A field worker installs the camera on the refrigerator door using double-sided tape and connects the device to the network. SM Camera was developed based on the Plug and Play concept.

Step 2

Capturing photos

When the refrigerator door opens, the accelerometer detects movement and takes photos once the camera is in the optimal position. A backup of the files is saved on the device in case of network issues.

Step 3


After the sensor detects that the refrigerator door is closed, the photos are sent to the SmartMerch server. The server normalizes, stitches, and processes the images, recognizing specific SKUs.

Step 4


Analytical reporting is generated on the SmartMerch portal after processing the recognition results. The report format is tailored to the customer’s specific KPIs.


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