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SM Visor

Automated shelf management through Convolutional Neural Network technology. Manage key metrics with over 95% recognition accuracy, facilitating data-driven decisions for long-term business performance.

See it in action
See it in action

How to use


An agent uses SM Visor to effortlessly capture images of the shelf. Our system processes these images, stitches them into a complete realogram, and flags any errors. This makes for a seamless data collection process.

Flag system


Rely on the innovative Flag system of SM Visor for maximum product recognition accuracy, safeguarding the reliability of your data.

Your benefits


With SM Visor, businesses benefit from precise product and pricing data. The system generates actions to meet KPIs and provides analytics, driving quality decisions and reducing agent errors.

Main features

Our support features are designed to meet the specific needs of the product line, providing convenience and reliability for customers.

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Mobile app

The app stands as a comprehensive tool for field agents, enabling real-time data collection and swift, informed decision-making. It’s designed to balance user-friendly features with reliable outcomes, meeting all field requirements efficiently.

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With SM Visor, the recognition outcome is not merely data but a coherent photograph of the entire shelf. It gives you an encompassing view of the store and the confidence in the system’s quality.

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Flags (Quality Control)

SM Visor keeps an automatic record of more than ten potential intentional or unintentional errors an agent could make at a point of sale, ensuring that the results align with the reality. A category cutoff, for instance, could distort the results.

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This feature empowers the agent to edit the photo by removing any unnecessary parts that may have been captured in the shot, ensuring a clean, uncluttered image that focuses solely on the essentials.


True recognition accuracy, the key to reliable insights

3 min

Analytics generation time, providing rapid feedback


Photos recognized monthly, demonstrating the system’s capacity

How it works

Our product, aimed at bolstering your business, comes with a promise of significant improvements. We present a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough of its functionalities, allowing you to swiftly appreciate its impactful benefits.

Step 1

Select scene

The agent chooses the appropriate scene for capturing the photo.

Step 2

Capture photo

The agent takes one or more photos following the established guidelines.

Step 3

Photo gallery

The agent can review, delete, or replace the images taken using the app’s gallery feature.

Step 4

Crop and edit

The agent can crop out any unnecessary parts of the photo, keeping only the most relevant sections.

Step 5

Photo approval

The agent can manually replace the products recognized by the system, with the changes subject to moderator approval.

Step 6


Advanced algorithms combine numerous images to form a complete visual of a scene or category, dramatically increasing data trustworthiness.

Step 7


Once the photos are organized, the agent submits them to the server for processing and recognition.

Step 8


After processing, the agent receives the recognition results and analytics based on their KPIs.


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