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SmartMerch joined The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

In SmartMerch, we believe that the success of a company is measured not only by financial indicators but also by a tangible contribution to society and the environment. Our core values are the foundation on which our daily work and development are built. Among them, one of the most important is offering help where it is truly needed. This principle is applied not only in business, helping our clients optimize their business processes, but also in everyday life.

We are proud to announce that SmartMerch has become part of the global community of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Our participation in the Kindness in the Workplace™ program underscores our commitment to creating an atmosphere of kindness, understanding, and mutual support. We believe that our company is a place where these things are not just words, but a fundamental principle of interaction.

As part of this initiative, we also held two events:

  • at an animal shelter, where our employees helped clean enclosures and walk dogs;
  • and in a botanical garden, where we harvested a whole crop of apples.

These events not only contributed to strengthening team spirit but also allowed us to feel part of something bigger and make our own, albeit small, contribution within the framework of helping those in need.

Try it yourself!

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