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SM Tag

Advanced image recognition for comprehensive and reliable price tag and marketing material data (POSM). A universal tool for efficient data collection, analysis, and usage.

See it in action
See it in action

Price recognition


SM Tag expertly correlates prices with respective products ensuring detailed and precise data collection.

Promo recognition


SM Tag is trained to identify and analyze pricing and non-pricing promo tags, providing crucial insights into promotional activities.

You get


With its ability to analyze price tags for in-depth pricing information and promotional mechanics, SM Tag drives pricing monitoring, promo compliance, and retailer negotiations, directly benefiting the business.

Main features

Our support features are designed to meet the specific needs of the product line, providing convenience and reliability for customers.

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Information on All Prices

SM Tag delivers detailed data on all prices displayed on a price tag, no matter the number of prices listed (promo, regular, club).

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Promotional Information

It extracts and processes all promotional data from price tags, including bonuses, 1+1 deals, and other promotional schemes.

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Link to EAN and Product Database

SM Tag goes one step further by linking each price tag to a specific product and its barcode, ensuring complete product traceability.


Recognition rate, ensuring the highest level of reliability.


Price tags recognized monthly, demonstrating wide-scale application.

3 hours

Rapid reporting, starting from just 3 hours after data collection.

How it works

Our product is designed to make your business better. Here is a step-by-step description of how it works, so you can quickly understand the benefits of using our product.

Step 1

Load Master Data

Upload product, outlet, and agent information to the system.

Step 2

Scan Barcode

In the store, the agent scans the product’s barcode.

Step 3

Existing Product

If the product is in the master data, the agent takes a photo of the price tag.

Step 4

New Product

If the product is not in the master data, the agent takes photos of the front and back of the product for inclusion to the database.

Step 5

Data Processing

The data is sent from the mobile app to the server and processed by AI.

Step 6

Update Master Data

The master data is updated to include any new items.

Step 7

Generate Report

A detailed report is generated based on the processed data.


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