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SM Voice

Audio analytics for service quality control, providing timely monitoring and analysis of key indicators through staff speech analytics at customer touchpoints.

See it in action
See it in action

Real-time data


SM Voice captures and analyzes data from every customer interaction in real-time, ensuring consistent and high-quality customer service.

Customizable reports


SM Voice generates customizable reports based on key parameters, providing valuable insights that drive service improvement and customer satisfaction.

Main features

Our support features are designed to meet the specific needs of the product line, providing convenience and reliability for customers.

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Speech recognition

High-precision speech recognition in multiple languages, with the ability to train the system based on the customer’s specific needs.

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Speaker diarization

Capability to separate employee speech from consumer speech when recording in mono format, ideal for using audio badges.

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Unique speech settings

Analysis of distinct speech parameters, such as pauses, interruptions, and repetitions.

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Smart analytics

Evaluate and compare employee performance using customized parameters like coarseness, mention of promotions, absence of collusion with the consumer, and script adherence. Flexible analytics settings allow for a reliable assessment of service quality and customer satisfaction.


Analytics for all client communication, providing comprehensive insights.


Improvement in marketing indicators and results, driving business growth.


Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, promoting long-term success.

How it works

Our product is designed to make your business better. Here is a step-by-step description of how it works, so you can quickly understand the benefits of using our product.

Step 1

Speech Recording

Select a method for obtaining audio recordings of employee-client interactions, such as audio badges, stationary microphones, or integration with virtual PBX systems.

Step 2

Recording Transcription

Once the audio file is received by the SM Voice server, transcription and diarization of the conversation recording are carried out.

Step 3


After the recognition process, SM Voice analyzes the transcription for script compliance, keyword presence, filler words, and other customer-specified parameters.

Step 4


SM Voice generates highly customizable reports based on analytics data. A wide range of tools allows for report generation on the most important parameters for each customer. Unique speech parameters, such as pauses, interruptions, and repetitions, can be analyzed. SM Voice can compare employee performance based on custom dictionaries, word sets, rudeness, promotional mentions, collusion prevention, and more.


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