What can artificial intelligence do for the FMCG market?

As a dynamically developing field, the FMCG market actively uses digital technologies. In order to increase the efficiency of business, the industry seeks to save time on data processing by minimizing or completely eliminating "manual labor".


Up to 3x reduction of store data collection time, also an increase in the speed of business decisions


Dramatic improvement in the accuracy of data collected by field staff – from 70% to 95%


Ample scope for analysis thanks to a huge number of parameters for tracking

Having scrutinized the problems
of the FMCG market, we
searched for solutions using
modern digital technologies

Our Core Products

  • SM Tag

    Detailed price with penny and specifications about promo type

  • SM Visor

    A neural network for

  • SM Monitor

    All your competitors' innovations revealed

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