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About us

SmartMerch is a pioneer in incorporating AI and machine learning into business operations. We focus on streamlining intricate workflows and crafting bespoke strategies, fostering enduring partnerships with our clients as we bring about substantial transformation in their business performances.

Our mission

To help enterprises make smarter decisions with AI-powered insights.


It makes us exceptional

The magic of SmartMerch lies in its adaptability. Our neural networks continuously learn and evolve, refining and optimizing processes with every new data point. We also monitor and fine-tune our systems to guarantee peak efficiency and quality.

As trailblazers in AI and business process automation, our dedication to innovation and building enduring partnerships with our clients sets us apart. By joining forces with SmartMerch, you’ll unlock the potential of automation and AI, transforming your operations and propelling your business to remarkable heights.




Year of foundation



Meet the Leadership Team

Meet our team, boasting vast experience in data science, AI, and retail operations.


Max Arkhipenkov


Founder. Undisputed leader. Integrator of systems engineering thinking into business. Expert in IT FMCG


Alex Khromov


Seasoned leader with operations and customer service background on global and local levels in services and IT organizations. Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


Yaroslav Ivanov


Yaroslav went the entire path from the junior developer to CTO learning all the aspects of Software Development and Management on every level. His passion is driving Startups from the scratch to the enterprise level


Artur Markarian


During 7 years in FMCG, Artur has launched dozens of complex and successful IT projects in close cooperation with key market players. This allowed him to develop a fundamental understanding of business processes and implement it in SmartMerch products


Anton Slavov


Highly experienced in Business Development, Project Management and Startups. Enjoy managing complex processes and approaching problems through all possible ways of options


Valentina Dvorkina


Creator of productive management teams. Diagnostician of personal and professional competencies. An expert in building effective communications. Mediator. Psychologist. More than 10 years in the IT field.

Ecological initiatives

AI systems are becoming a part of everyday life. The key is to ensure that these machines are aligned with human intentions and values. We develop risk mitigation tools, best practices for responsible use, and monitor our platforms for misuse.



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