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We have assembled the team of the best market specialists to
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  • Maksim Arkhipenkov - CEO

    Maksim Arkhipenkov


  • Nikita Kostromov - CTO

    Nikita Kostromov


  • Хаин Станислав  - старший разработчик

    Stanislav Khain

    Senior Developer

  • Dmitry Silayev - системный архитектор

    Dmitry Silayev

    Systems Architect

  • Liubov Alekseeva - старший менеджер проектов

    Liubov Alekseeva

    Senior Project Manager

  • Kirill Kitayev - Senior Tech Support Manager

    Kirill Kitayev

    Senior Tech Support Manager


  • SmartMarch created a neural network for retail on the Google Cloud Platform.

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  • Dominance of the rational: How to build a science-based business without start-up capital

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  • Borjomi is introducing a neural network for its retail work.

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  • BELUGA GROUP: автоматизация торгового аудита на базе Image Recognition

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  • Старт использования искусственного интеллекта для распознавания полочного пространства

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