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We believe that the transition from traditional software to AI is one of the most important shifts of our time. Our mission is to make that happen faster, across every industry.

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Build the future

At SmartMerch, be a part of empowering businesses and shaping the future through insights and transformative solutions.

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Work-Life Balance

Global Flexibility: Find the perfect blend of life and work, no matter where you are. With remote work options, create your ideal lifestyle.

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Professional and Personal Development

Grow with the Best: Step into a space buzzing with experts. Here, tools and opportunities for personal and career growth abound.

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Supportive Corporate Culture

United We Thrive: At SmartMerch, support and teamwork are our strengths. We build each other up and celebrate every win.

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Innovation and Long-Term Impact

Make a Difference: Join forces with forward-thinkers. Together, let’s create solutions that make waves and stand the test of time.

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Financial Planning

Invest in Yourself: At SmartMerch, we know your worth. Our competitive remuneration packages reflect our appreciation for your expertise and hard work.

Greetings from the SmartMerch Crew!

Howdy, aspiring colleague! Ever dream of being where data is transformed into insights? At SmartMerch, you’ll be an essential part of a crew that’s focused on illuminating data for the world. Come, let’s shed light on data together!

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Growth snapshot

Take a glance at how our family has grown. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about the collective strength and unity we’ve built over the years.

The SmartMerch family over time

See how we started small and grew into a tight-knit community of innovators.



Diverse countries with a global talent pool.


Languages spoken by our united team.


Innovation hours pushing boundaries in 2023.

Current opportunities

Discover the pathways to become an invaluable part of a pioneering collective. Explore roles that will shape your career and the world of AI.

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